We Prefer Blondes!!

We Specialize in English & English American Cream Goldens

All of our Goldens are Purebred & AKC Registered

We work with one of the Mid-West's best breeders

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All of our adults have been tested and cleared for Hip/Elbow disorders

All pups are de-wormed, vaccinated, and Vet Certified

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AKC Tommy
AKC Lacey

Meet Our Lovely Ladies

 Willow & Lacey




Lacey is a light cream color, her hair is on the wavy side. She LOVES one on one attention, she'd rather be in your lap then play with her toys. She's had some basic training but we're still learning to heel because she would rather run and play. She's shy around strangers but warms up fast. She isn't a water-baby but she is well behaved when she's being groomed. This is Lacey's third litter.

Willow is medium cream in color. Her coat her smooth and straight. She has a broad head and loves to be bathed and groomed. She loves her Wubba toy! She could retrieve it for you for hours and not get tired. She's full of energy but VERY affectionate.

 She loves being a mother and can't wait until its her turn Oct. 2020

Settlers Trail Goldens - Golden Retriever Breeder -Missouri


We are a retired couple from Missouri that loves our coffee and our dogs blonde! We have a small kennel with our two lovely ladies, Willow and Lacey. We have four grand kids up the road that love to come play with the girls and simply can't wait to hold puppies! We focus on beautiful Goldens with stellar bloodlines, focusing on quality over quantity! Plus the girls are wonderful companions to my husband and I!

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

Bob & Debbie