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My husband and I highly recommend the English Golden Retriever. I cannot imagine not having one.

  ( We now have 5!!)  Lacy, Lucy, Libby, Lewie, and our newest baby Lola.

Our first golden was Mariah, she was a golden color American and just as sweet as the English.

They seems as though they are always happy and smiling.  Always wanting to comfort and be by our sides.

They are genetically less prone to cancer and tend to live longer than the American Golden.

The English Golden Retriever's skull is broader and the forequarters in particular are more muscular .  Its forehead is blockier and its muzzle is a bit wider and shorter.

English Golden retiervers also have sturdier, shorter legs and slightly deeper chests and shorter tails. then the American Golden.

All Golden Retrievers have beautiful coats, but there are some differences between there coats of the American and the English.   The coat length , texture and color. 

English Golden Retrievers typically have slightly waiver coats , less fluffy and much thicker then the American also they are light cream to almost white in color .

Do they shed?   We get asked this often!  YES they do shed and more often during the normal season changes. We brush and use a rake comb once to twice a week to help the process. We also bath and blow dry once a month which helps shed their  under coat.  If you are allergic to pet dander a golden may not be the dog for you.

Goldens are active dogs with  playful side . They make great outdoor companions and love to go on adventures. They need a considerable amount of exercise. They also have a calm side and make great therapy dogs with the proper training.  We highly recommend PapPaws dog training in Marshfield MO. 

Goldens are social and will become depressed if left alone for long periods of time, they LOVE people.

I have yet to meet a golden that doesn't love everyone.

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